Reasons to use WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular open source Content Management Systems also known as CMS and is used by almost 75 million websites. WordPress is free to install, it is fully deployable and you can also upgrade on WordPress. WordPress provides several templates and thousands of plugins and it also has a flexible and simple interface that helps users a lot in reducing deployment time and even in deployment costs.

Why should we use WordPress

  1. WordPress is used widely by almost 42% of websites currently running in the world:- More than 42% of websites on the Internet are using WordPress. One in every four websites which you encounter daily is created using WordPress as it is free for everyone and it provides better services than other website builder facilities.
  2. Dominates the CMS:- WordPress is not one of the most popular CMS whereas it blows out the competition just like flowing water. According to the statistics of W3 Techs WordPress is used by 60% of all the websites which uses CMS which is followed by Joomla having 6% market share after that comes Drupal having 5% market share
  3. Extensible with Plugins:- The massive plugin system of WordPress beats all other CMS in the market which means that in WordPress you can add cool functions to your site without the help of any code. WordPress provides you with 52,000 plugins whereas Joomla provides you only 8,000 Plugins.
  4. Customizable with superb themes:- Beyond plugins, WordPress offers an insane collection of themes for your site. We can design our WordPress theme with the help of a customized theme. You can use free themes or you can use premium themes from or you can install some of them which are developed by some third parties. And using these themes, you can add certain functions to make your website function better and it will perform the way which you want.
  5. WordPress is Multilingual:- There is no problem if you don't know the English language, as WordPress is multilingual. The translation team of WordPress has translated WordPress into 170 different languages so that each user can use it according to their native language. Even many plugins are also translated and it also provides you to create a multilingual site using Polylang or Weglot.
  6. Companies using WordPress:- With many small websites on WordPress, you can also find some big brands and even some big companies also uses WordPress. Some of the major companies which use WordPress are - Sony Music, Mercedes Benz, Mozilla, NASA, Coca-Cola, BBC America, Reuters, and some university websites are developed using WordPress, like - Harvard University and the University of Washington.
  7. Secure and safe:- The developers of WordPress have taken the preserve trust of its worldwide users. WordPress is secure and safe from hackers as the staff of WordPress updates its CMS, along with the plugins which are integrated with it. Users should download necessary plugins from trusted sources as if downloaded from untrusted sources it can cause some problems.
  8. Easily Affordable - WordPress is easily affordable and it is free for everyone and it contains several free themes and plugins which can help in building the site and you only need to pay for the Web Hosting and domain. You can easily create a commercial website and personal blog for free on WordPress and it is an open-source software which means we can improve its source code and can customize your website look and design at zero cost.
  9. User Friendly:- WordPress is more user-friendly for beginners if we compare WordPress with some other site builders like Wix and Squarespace as it is easy to use and it also maintains its massive flexibility advantages for use. The platform of WordPress is intuitive. Sites made with WordPress are mobile-friendly also the themes that WordPress provides are automatically responsive. And if a theme is not responsive then in WordPress you can set that site to mobile view.
  10. Improves SEO:- To get traffic for your WordPress site Search Engine Optimization is so essential. To make your site more productive to attain higher traffic you just have to configure some basic settings through plugins like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, etc. Even some plugins analyze the content of the site and offer suggestions to you to improve your site for attaining higher traffic. Don't worry if you don't know anything about SEO, you can still optimize your site content even by following some of the plugin's recommendations.
  11. Provides free page builder for your site:- In the past two years, WordPress has updated itself a lot and had added a new block editor. This new editor allows you to build your pages and posts using drag and drop in a complete visual manner. There are tons of plugins for block editor which you can also use to add more features to your site.
  12. Multi-user ability:- If there is more than one user of the site, WordPress makes it easy for everyone as it assigns different roles to each people using the WordPress Codex plugin like firstly there is a super admin who has complete access to all features of the website, secondly there is an administrator who has access to administration features, third there is an editor who has access to post and removes the post of other users after that there is an author who writes a post for the site. So basically if a team is handling a website of WordPress then they can divide all the functions according to their likings.

So, these are some of the best features why you should use WordPress. Hope you should find something useful.

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