Why Learn Python?

Let's start and get in touch with the easiest and simple programming language commonly known as Python.

What Python can do?

  1. Python can be used for creating web applications on a server.
  2. Python can connect to database systems.
  3. Python helps us to read and modify files.
  4. Python can be used for software development.
  5. Python also helps in Machine Learning.
  6. Python can be used for rapid prototyping.
  7. Python can be used to perform complex mathematics.
  8. Python can be used for system scripting.
  9. Python can be used in Data Science.

Why Python?

  1. Python has the simplest syntax of all other programming languages.
  2. Python is the most easiest and convenient programming language.
  3. The syntax of the Python language is similar to the English language.
  4. Python runs on an interpreter system which means that the code can be executed as soon as it is written.
  5. Python can be treated in an Object-Oriented way.
  6. Python provides a vast application service.

Hello World!!!

So when we discover a coding language we first start with the basic program of Hello World. In every language, we start with a Hello World program. So let's move on to our first program.

That’s it! Thanks for reading. Stay tuned with us for much more coming up soon!

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