Requirements of WordPress Hosting Services

WordPress is widely used by many websites due to its easily customizable features and also it's free for everyone. Some regular web hosting services can support WordPress sites, but there are only a few hosting services that deal with the issues which are specific to WordPress.

The requirements which WordPress hosting service should provide to its users are:-

  1. Better Uptime rate - The most important feature one should check and this feature cannot be neglected. There are not many Hosting services that provide 100% uptime for your site. The more minimized uptime the better your WordPress site will perform. Therefore, it is wise to choose VPS providers like Plesk VPS or any other dedicated hosting plans on which you can rely for the best uptime which helps your site to encounter lower downtime issues.
  2. Software Support - Always search for those hosting providers who keep their software updated to the latest software, so that you get complete WordPress support. Only opt for those hosting service which provides security to your site. You should also consider that servers should support different versions of PHP, MYSQL / MariaDB, Apache, or NGINX Web servers which should include the latest one also. As we know that WordPress is all about themes and plugins and even the most popular plugins may threaten the security of the website. So the main feature which a good hosting service will surely take care of is that it must block such plugins which are insecure and can cause a threat to your website.
  3. Host Level Caching - For better performance, some WordPress website depends on caching plugins as these plugins help improve site speed but this is not effective when we compare it with Host Level Caching. So choose a hosting service that provides you Host Level Caching as they will reduce the burden from your shoulder which will help you to focus on other aspects of your site.
  4. Check for SSL support - The good Hosting service Providers of WordPress includes SSL certificate in their plan while some providers do not provide any SSL certificate instead they keep an add-on feature. The data for your site has to be encrypted when the exchange of information takes place between the web server and the browser of the user. So please choose a hosting service that supports SSL Certification.
  5. DDoS Protection - Try to choose a hosting service that provides more attention to users, it is additional security for your site and a small hosting service does not provide DDoS(Denial of Service) protection. So try using a good hosting service that should drop the malicious traffic and protect the site from such activities.
  6. WordPress Specific features - A hosting service should have some specific features like pre-installed and configured WordPress which should support easy installation of software, automatic software updates, themes and plugins support for your site. It should also take care of tools for enhanced security, built-in caching for accelerated speed of your site. One should also take care of some more features such as free account migration from one host, easy to use its cPanel, should also provide automatic site backup. All these features are important for ensuring the performance and continuity of the site.

It is time, to sum up, the things and if you guys are thinking to buy any hosting service then do check all these factors as these factors will play a major role for you as if you are missing any of the above points while buying any hosting then the growth of your site will not be good and can lead to security problems. So ensure all factors while buying any hosting services.

Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it.

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