Making Simple Calculator

After understanding the use of input and print statements, next, we are going to learn about making a simple calculator. Here we will perform all sorts of calculations one by one and understand them. In the end, we will make a calculator which will do all the calculations in a single program.

Adding Two Numbers

Here we will take input from the user and then print the addition of two numbers.

The user has to enter the values to get the addition of two numbers.

So in the above code, we took input from the user and then store the values entered by the user in a separate variable, and then we did the addition of both the numbers.

The next thing we will do is subtract two numbers.

Subtracting Two Numbers

We will do the same process we did before in adding two numbers.

Taking input from the user and subtracting the numbers to get the result

So the subtraction of two numbers was easy to do.

Multiplying Two Numbers

We will take input from the user and then multiply them to get the output.

Multiplication of two numbers

The multiplication of two numbers is also simple.

The next step is for dividing two numbers.

Dividing Two Numbers

Division of Numbers can be done in two ways:-

  1. Float Division(/)
  2. Integer Division(//)

First, we will discuss the Float Division, this method will give the output in decimal form and it is the basic and most commonly used operator from which we do division.

The calculation for Decimal Division

So in the above code, we did a division of two numbers and we can clearly see from the output that it is in decimal form.

Now moving on to Integer Division

Here we will get the input in Integer form

The calculation for Integer Division

It is clearly visible from the above code that the output is in Integer form.

Modulus of Two Numbers

Now the last step we will learn here is of finding the modulus of two numbers.

Modulus Calculation 

We use modulus to get the remainder of the division.

Creating Calculator

Calculator performing all Calculations

So finally we had made a calculator that can perform all simple and basic calculations.

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This video will help you in making a simple Calculator

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