Designing a WordPress site

WordPress is an open-source content management system that is written in PHP and is paired with MySQL database. WordPress is free for everyone and anyone can use it for their purpose. According to a report made in March 2021, it was found that more than 42% of the top 10 million websites are used by WordPress.

WordPress provides several themes to get the best-suited design for your website. You can also edit themes in WordPress according to your needs. WordPress helps your site by providing proper indexing as it suggests the pros and cons of your blogs and it also helps in making great content for your site.

Steps for designing a site

So, if you are thinking of developing a site with the help of WordPress then you need to take care of the following steps given below:-

  1. The most basic step is to sign up for a web hosting
  2. Picking the best domain name for your site
  3. Install WordPress blog software using the hosting service you chose
  4. Select the best-suited theme which you want for your site
  5. Install some necessary  plugins which you need to help your site growth

So these are the basic points which you need to require to design and build a wonderful website. Once the website is created using WordPress, then you can use your site to write blogs on it. But if you want to add blogs to your site then you must write 100% plagiarism-free content on your site. Now we briefly know about all the steps covered above.

Getting the best Web Hosting and Domain for your site

To start a website through WordPress the main step which you need to cover first is to get the best hosting for your site and you need a name for your domain as your site will be known by your site name. The best web hosting which one can use for their site is provided by Bluehost and GreenGeeks. Bluehost web hosting service basic plan pricing is $2.75/month whereas the pricing of the basic plan of GreenGeeks web hosting service is $2.95/month. Bluehost contains several user-friendly services for beginners. Bluehost hosting service provides 50Gb of space storage and it provides a good uptime and it also provides a free domain for your site and GreenGeeks also provides a domain for a complete year and it provides unlimited storage space for your site. If anyone wants higher traffic for your site by using Bluehost service then that user has to upgrade the basic plan to a pro plan. So one should suggest Bluehost service as it is very much useful to beginners whereas GreenGeeks is best suited for advanced users. If you want more information about any of the following hosting services mentioned above then you can check about the best hosting service here - These hosting services provide free domain for a year but if you want to buy a domain then you can refer to some sites which sell domains. To find the best-suited domain for your site, you can buy a domain for your site from NameCheap and NameCheap is one of the best sites for domain and this site is widely used all over the world to buy best-suited domains for their site as it provides domains at an affordable price with 30 days money-back guarantee. This site provides a domain at a lower price and here you can also renew your domain. The domain which you guys generally buy from any domain provider like NameCheap gives you a domain for a single year and you can renew your domain by paying for the domain at a lower buying price. Try to find a domain like .com, .in, .org as these domains provide better traffic and try to write unique content.

Installing WordPress Software

To get WordPress software, go on to the official website of and download the software from there, then start the installation process of the software. Once the software is installed then do sign up for the software and after that also login to WordPress with the hosting service which you had bought. Now enter the domain name which you bought from NameCheap. After entering the domain name you can easily see that your site has been named and it's ready for basic use.

Installing Plugins and start Blogging

Now it's time to install some plugins to set better design for your site and to set the theme according to the profile of your site, and your site is now ready and now you can write blogs on your site. Your site is ready to go. After creating your site try to add your site on google console which will provide you higher traffic to your site.

After following the above steps, your site is completely designed with all the basic and necessary plugins and now you can add blogs to your site.

Thanks for reading. Hope you got all the details to create a site through WordPress.

NOTE:- The amazing artwork used in this blog has been taken from Ioanna Aravani.

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