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So guys as we know that free online chess websites are great for helping you all in improving chess. And through online services, a lot of money should be saved. The most important factor one needs in chess is the game plan.

Some very good online websites provide online chess lessons for kids. They are listed below:-


In between this covid-19 lockdown, the interest of many kids has been seen boosted toward chess and this has to lead to a higher increase in online lessons provider as the demand of lessons are more than previous times. At some websites, chess streaming is also done where they are providing online sessions for kids so that they can understand well and can create their own plans accordingly.

The mission of this website is to provide good quality lessons for free to everyone. The major fact about this online website is that many titled players also have their accounts on this website. And this website is not like other websites as some provide only limited puzzles to solve in a day but this provides you with infinite puzzles in a day. One can also practice checkmate skills while completing puzzles here. One of the most important parts of this website that it contains around 1500 videos so that you can learn each and every tactic of chess. They also have some video tutorials titled "Learn How To Play Chess in 10 Minutes". And this website is best suited for kids who really want to become chess players.

The mission of this site is also similar to as it also provides free lessons and the course they provide is awesome as they explain all the rules, tactics, strategies, positional play, combinations, which piece to move now, and where to move and even ways to do checkmate. This website also provides several puzzles to solve and they also keep track of your performance.

Just like and this site also provides free chess knowledge. They provide courses for beginners and novice players. Basically Chess Strategy Online is actually the work of a single chess enthusiast who is an amazing chess player. This website provides online courses and tutorials, they also provide you chess books, infinite number of daily puzzles to practice. They also provide online practice and they also provide practice at other chess websites.

All the websites listed above are the best websites for online chess lessons.

Best online chess lessons

Some of the best online chess classes and lessons in 2021 which are best suited for beginners and intermediate kids are:-

  1. Garry Kasparov Masterclass - He is one of the best chess players and he provides online classes from basics to advanced level. He has a masterclass of 7 hours consisting of 29 modules from fundamentals to professional modules.
  2. Chess - How to become a chess Master(Udemy) - This is an udemy course that contains 33 hours of video lectures which contains a total of 114 videos containing all the concepts as to how the pieces move, specialty moves, check and checkmate, fundamental tactics, etc.
  3. I Will Teach You How To Play Chess – Openings(Skillshare) - It is a course on skillshare which is taught by Arne Kahler who is a lover of chess and one of the best chess instructors in the world. He has provided 7 ¾ hours of course modules which include strategies and tactics, values and combos, attack and defense, sacrifice, etc.

Thanks for reading. Hope you will found a good chess lesson for you.

Note:- The amazing artwork used in this article has been taken from- Webshocker - Matjaz Valenta.

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