12-inch Folding Wooden Chess Board

Basically, a Chess Board is a gameboard that is used for the game of Chess, which is played with the help of pawns and pieces.

A Chess Board is always made in a square shop with an alternating pattern of squares in two different colors. Chess is generally played on a surface, it can also contain a board.

Wooden Chess Boards are generally made of unstained wood which is either light or dark. A variety of color combinations are used in designing these Wooden Chess Boards like - plastic, vinyl, and silicone boards. Some of the color combinations of these Wooden Chess Boards are black and white, as well as brown, green, or blue with a combination of cream colors.

Wooden Chess Boards of black and white color, brown and white color are being used in national and international tournaments and even in high-level games. Some Decorative and Marble Glass Chess Boards are also used for national and international Chess Board Federations but these types of boards are used rarely.

Given Below are some of the best-suited Wooden Chess Boards which you should choose but don't worry many other options are available to use for Chess. You can simply check some of the 12 x 12 size Wooden Folding Chess Board on amazon.com or on chesshouse.com.

Royal Maxi 12-inch Magnetic Chess Board

This Chess Board is used by chess lovers as this board is impeccable travel Chess Board that comes fully in size. This Chess Board is available in 2 sizes:- one is 12 x 12 inches size and the other one is of 12 x 6 inches size when it is folded. This product is known for its stunning design and compact size. The cost of this product is around 49$ only.

Lunatic Craftwork Collection 12-inch Wooden Chess Board

This is a Carved Wooden folding Chess Board also known as a Wooden Chess Game. This Chess Board is made with the help of first-string Rosewood and Sheesham. This product is famous in the market for its classic look and for its robust design. This product is available in the size of 12 x 12 x 12 inches and it is safely held between 2 Brass claps. The price of The Lunatic Craftwork Premium Collection Wooden Chess Board is Rs. 1699 only. There are several patterns in this Collection and all Wooden Chess Board Price may vary, respectively.

Palm Royal Handicrafts 12-inch Wooden Chess Board

The Palm Royal Handicrafts comes with a foldable Wooden Chess Board which is the best handmade full-size chessboard. This Palm Royal Chess Board is crafted with the help of A-Okay wood. This type of Chess Board is easily available in 12 x 12 inches sizes. This product comes with a rich green-velvet storage compartment which is specially designed to store chessmen. The Palm Royal Wooden Chess Board comes in brown color. There are several varieties in Palm Royal Handicrafts Wooden Chess Board but you can choose any Chess Board which you want. The cost of the Palm Royal Handicraft Premium Wooden Chess Board is Rs. 1349 only. The cost of other Palm Royal Handicrafts Chess Board may vary accordingly.

VADIKA 12 Inch Magentic Wooden Chess Board

The material used in this Chess Board is made of high-quality wood which is lightweight and easy to carry. The Wooden Chess Board is compact and easily functional and it also comes at a good price. It contains Brass locks and Hinges, which make it easily ideal for travel. The price of this product is Rs. 999 only.

ENTER 12 inch Wooden Chess Board

The material which is used to design the Chess Board, Chessmen, coins, and pieces is made using Premium Sheesham and Maple Wood. The Wooden Chess Board is polished very well. This Chess Board is easily foldable, and it also contains foldable locks this is also the reason it is easy to carry when you are traveling. The case is made of well-craved soft velvet which helps in storing the chess pieces safely. The price of the ENTERRO Wooden Chess Board is Rs. 1399 only.

MWG Exports 12-inch Wooden Chess Board

The MWG Exports is one of the best international folding Wooden Chess Board. This Chess Board helps in the easy storage of the wooden chess pieces. It is lightweight and easy to carry with no hassle. The size of this Chess Board is also 12 x 12 inches. The Cost of this Folding Wooden Chess Board is Rs. 1199 only.

AK Handicraft 12-inch Wooden Chess Board

The AK Handicraft 12-inch Wooden Chess Board design is unique and it is highly stylish, and this Chess Board is thoughtfully carved for those who are relish classy and have rich tastes. The dimensions of this Wooden Chess Board is also the same as usual and it is 12 x 12 inch. This Chess Board also contains a table which is also a foldable one. It also contains secured compartments which provide a room inside the Chess Board to securely store each chess piece. This chess Board is also best suited for gifting. The Actual price of this Chess Board is Rs. 2249 only.

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